The Last Resort

The Last Resort

In The Last Resort, a mysterious invitation brings seven strangers together on a seemingly deserted island. The strangers include:

  • Amelia, a humanitarian aid worker
  • Lucy, an anonymous celebrity gossip columnist
  • Giles, a game designer
  • Tiggy, Giles’ girlfriend and a brand influencer
  • James, a cameraman
  • Brenda, an investor
  • Scott, an American CEO

As each person’s worst life decisions are played one-by-one on video in front of the group, the strangers stumble on toward the promised “party”.

Taking the premise of a fantastic Agatha Christie tale, and then “modernizing” it, is a gigantic risk for an author. In The Last Resort, only the setting from And Then There Were None is used. Because the plot itself is original has resulted in some bad reviews. So if you want to read a new Christie, you will need a time machine—not this book.

However, if you are willing to suspend disbelief for a few hours, this book is a compelling and twisty near-future thriller combined with an underlying mystery. The reason I took a star off was that the mystery cannot be solved using clues provided by the plot. It is just a reveal at the end. The armchair detective in me was extremely disappointed. Still, it’s a fun fall down a rabbit hole. 4 stars!

Thanks to Amazon Publishing UK and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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