The June Boys

The June Boys

“The FBI found a body in Baxter, Tennessee, this morning. Juvenile. Male. Dumped on the side of the highway and phoned in by a motorist who had to pee and couldn’t wait.” Could it be the first death among The June Boys? Could it also be narrator Thea’s cousin Aulus?

Called the Thief, a kidnapper snatches three boys in Tennessee on June 1st every other year. The victims are held for 13 months in an underground bunker. Then, they are left alive on the side of the highway. This year, four boys are taken and one is murdered…so far. Why is the Thief changing his m.o. and why now, eight years and 14 kidnapped boys later?

The pacing of The June Boys seemed odd. The conclusion was rather farfetched. Unfortunately, not one of my favorites and not recommended. 2 stars.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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