The Day I Disappeared

The Day I Disappeared

In The Day I Disappeared, five-year-old Amy’s older brother was supposed to be watching her. Instead he was outside fishing. However, when he came home later, Amy was missing. When later she was found drowned, her brother blamed himself.

Holly was kidnapped as a child of five. She was returned months later with her virtue intact. While Holly remembered nothing, she had a wound on her forearm and a missing tooth. One of her church members was convicted of the crime.

Twenty years later, Detective Jason contacts Holly. He believes Holly was the first in a series of child abductions that continue to today with the recent abduction of five-year-old Skyler. Only one of the ten was found alive—Holly. Another was found dead. The fate of the others is unknown but presumed dead. However, Skyler still has a chance.

Holly tries to help Jason, especially by remembering details of her own abduction. But with her mother stuck in a coma in the hospital, her best friend’s upcoming wedding, and her on-again-off-again relationship with her boyfriend, she already has a lot of balls to juggle.

The Day I Disappeared is an immensely twisty tale combining a serial child abductor story with some intense family drama. Both Holly and her best friend, Kitten, struggle with their relationships with their parents. While in a coma, Holly’s mother, Cecily, is also narrating part of the book. Be prepared to dislike many of the characters, but never Holly, while trying to determine who the abductor is and what caused Cecily to drive off a cliff resulting in her coma. I didn’t come close to guessing who did it. See if you can beat both me and Holly to the solution. 4 stars!

Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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