The Dark Side of Angels

The Dark Side of Angels

In The Dark Side of Angels, Kayla has developed a serum that will make a person immortal using jellyfish DNA. However, it must be followed up within five days with a different serum to stop the DNA from going too far.

One evening, Kayla’s lab is attacked. All of the other workers are killed by a bullet point blank to the head. Kayla escapes by jumping through her office window. Luckily, she gets a prefilled syringe of the first serum. Since it will spoil soon, she injects herself.

I am all for suspending disbelief when reading. But Kayla’s actions defy logic. She injects herself “to save her life’s work” even though she has no idea where she will get the second serum? Dumb. She doesn’t call the FBI after the attack, even though they are charged with lab security, because she sees her pursuers wearing FBI jackets? If you were the FBI, would you wear jackets with your logo on the back to an event meant to look like a terrorist attack? Of course not, that’s stupid. The plot just continues on this stupidity spiral.

While The Dark Side of Angels was a miss for me, you may like it. It is an exciting chase if you can overlook the underlying ridiculousness. 3 stars.

Thanks to the author and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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