Life's Messy, Live Happy

The author of Life’s Messy Live Happy uses her own life experiences to show how reframing our self-talk will make us healthier and happier. The book reads more like a memoir with some common pop psychology thrown in than a true step-by-step self-help guide. The author has gone through someContinue Reading

The Resting Place

The Resting Place has tons of atmosphere but little substance. Eleanor spends her life being confused. She cannot recognize faces. One day, she passes someone coming out of her grandmother’s apartment and then finds her grandmother murdered. Knowing she probably saw the murderer but cannot describe them to the policeContinue Reading

The Temps

Jacob Elliott picked a bad day to begin working as a temporary mailroom clerk at Delphi Enterprises. First, he went to the wrong entrance of the massive campus. After being directed to the correct location, he arrived late. All the permanent employees were leaving to hear the company’s CEO speakContinue Reading