Smoke City
January 22nd, 2018 by diane92345

Have you ever thought, “Every plot has already been used so what’s the point in reading (or writing) another”? If so, Smoke City is going to surprise you. No book or movie is anywhere near its plot for imagination and creativity.

Smoke City is a captivating genre-smashing novel. Here are the major genres that are colliding like atoms within this novel:

  • Historical fiction (Joan of Arc’s death)
  • Horror (ghost story)
  • Tragedy (predestination during reincarnation)
  • Adventure (adult male bonding during a road trip)
  • Literary fiction (famous artist hits the skids)
  • Magical realism (see above)

It sounds like it would be a huge mess. But somehow it works!

Half-visible wraiths nicknamed smokes are appearing in Southern California and northern Mexico. Mike Vale, a washed up previously famous artist is desperately trying to get to a funeral in Los Angeles.

Mike picks up Marvin Deitz after Marvin is unceremoniously kicked out of his record store’s lease by his shady, possibly mob-connected, landlord. Marvin is convinced that he will die violently before his 57th birthday in a few days. Why? Throughout his multitude of reincarnations, he never lives to 57. Marvin is convinced he is being punished for executing Joan of Arc in 1431. His therapist thinks it is just a delusion. Convinced he has seen the current incarnation of Joan of Arc on a talk show, Marvin is going to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding forgiveness from a woman he has never met–at least in this lifetime.

On the way to LA, the pair pick up a stowaway, Casper. The plot continues to get curiouser and curiouser from there.

Deciding to read this book takes a leap of faith. There is no comparable book or movie to say it resembles. Smoke City was written by a relatively unknown writer and published by a small press. However, take this reviewer’s advice and read this book. It is truly fantastic and totally different from any other book you will read this year! Kirkus Reviews gushed (for them) that it was “strangely satisfying”. It is worth 5+ stars!


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Streak of Chalk
October 24th, 2017 by diane92345

With beautiful artwork and a plot that can be interpreted many ways, this is a perfect book club read.

Streak of Chalk tells the story of two strangers on a mysterious island where the only residents are the proprietor of an inn/general store and her silent adult son. There is also a lighthouse that hasn’t worked in years and a wall where graffiti has been left by previous visitors to the island.

It is difficult to even decide what genre to which this graphic novel belongs. It has elements of romance, thriller, and mystery. There is even one line that may indicate a possibly science-fiction interpretation of the plot.

Streak of Chalk definitely uses magical realism like that in the Murakami’s Wind-up Bird Chronicle. It challenges a reader’s assumptions regarding reality. The artwork is sumptuous and won several awards when this novel was originally released in 1994.

Streak of Chalk is recommended for book clubs and readers looking for a book that will engender lively discussions and thoughts well after the the last page is read. 5 stars! However, there is some nudity and sexual situations that are not appropriate for younger readers.

Thanks to the publisher, NBM Publishing, and NetGalley for an advanced review copy. Streak of Chalk was released October 1, 2017.

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