A Touch of Jen

Get used to the idea of spending a few hours questioning why you decided to read about these boring petty people. For more than half the book, millennials Remy and Alicia obsess over Jen, a beautiful girl with an uber-rich and pretentious boyfriend named Horus. They visit Horus’ house inContinue Reading

Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog is the 23rd entry in the Andy Carpenter dog-oriented legal thriller series. And it’s a humdinger! A man on the street is beating his pug. Andy, his wife Laurie and their son Ricky are across the street walking their two dogs, Tara and Sebastian. Laurie rushes acrossContinue Reading


Even the Amish have secrets! Ride along with Sheriff Kate Burkholder as she chases a vicious murderer in a rural Ohio town in Fallen. Rachel was Amish. She was also recently alive. But after returning to her hometown, she was beaten to death in her motel room. “Painters Mill wasContinue Reading


In Falling, you are a commercial airline pilot with an awful choice to make. “It’s simple. Crash your plane, or I kill your family. The choice is yours.” On a flight from Los Angeles to New York City, there are so many targets a plane can crash into. You tryContinue Reading

The Grandmother Plot

Freddy is a stoner. But he loves his grandmother very much. Unfortunately, dementia has its hold on her so tightly that Freddy has to put her in a memory care home. Despite being busy glass-blowing beads and pot pipes, Freddy visits his grandmother frequently. But Freddy has his own problemsContinue Reading

The Bucket List

In The Bucket List, undercover FBI agent, John Adderley, is put into the witness protection program in his hometown in Sweden. He needs to return to the US to testify once the drug cartel’s trial begins. Meanwhile, he investigates a ten-year-old Swedish cold case where the body of a heiress,Continue Reading