Infinity 8 Vol 1

If Doctor Who and Bridget Jones had a baby, it would result in Infinity 8 Vol 1. Agent Yoko Keren is a security officer on a multispecies spaceship heading for Andromeda. She also wants a child. She is fine with a non-human daddy but checks their genetic history first. SoContinue Reading

Future of Terrorism

The Future of Terrorism includes a well-researched and comprehensive history of terrorism from antiquity through 2017. Its section on terrorism’s future is more divisive based as it is on the current political climate in the United States. The book has three parts: terrorism in history, modern terrorism and the futureContinue Reading

Last Time I Lied

In the Last Time I Lied, a girl wakes up in a cabin at a summer camp for girls. It is the silence that awakens her at least an hour before dawn. Her three roommates are gone leaving behind their belongings. As the girl searches the camp frantically, she envisionsContinue Reading