Imagine a world where gene editing had gone too far and caused famine and death. Then picture life ten years later, when gene editing is mostly illegal and highly regulated by the world’s governments. That is the near-future world of Upgrade, the latest novel by the author of the WaywardContinue Reading

The Night Shift

You are anticipating the best steak dinner you have ever had. Your mouth is watering picturing your first bite. Then, the server puts a large cheeseburger in front of you with an explanation of how the restaurant is out of steak. Sure, the burger looks juicy—but it is no steak.Continue Reading

Classic Monsters Unleashed

Take classic monsters from yesteryear like Dracula, Frankenstein and even Dr. Moreau. Add thirty of the best minds in horror wring today. Stir and you will concoct the tasty and thought-provoking horror anthology, Classic Monsters Unleashed. With 29 short stories, one poem and several illustrations, there is sure to beContinue Reading

What Moves the Dead

What Moves the Dead? I am pretty sure it’s Edgar Allan Poe turning over in his grave after the publication of this anemic adaptation of his short story The Fall of the House of Usher. Location, location, location is the mantra of real estate agents. However, atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere isContinue Reading

Hotel California

Hotel California contains eight mystery stories not all of which are set in California. In a clever homage, the story titles are the names of the songs on The Eagles album Hotel California. The stories express all the different sub-genres of mystery. The stories vary from a new Jack ReacherContinue Reading