The Visitor

In The Visitor, the United Nations is holding its annual meeting in New York City. When an explosion occurs at the Japanese consultant, Talia Dauber with the U.N. Security Service is on the job. It seems the Japanese are working on a secret project. So secret that their American hostsContinue Reading

Railroaded 4 Murder Review and Giveaway

My Review In Railroaded 4 Murder, Phee works as a bookkeeper for a private investigation firm in Arizona. Their latest client, Roxanne, thinks her husband, Wilbur, is cheating on her. Roxanne and Wilbur as well as Phee’s mother, Harriet, live in Sun City West, a massive Arizona retirement community. WilburContinue Reading

The Elimination Threat

Aha! I have uncovered the identity of Q, the mysterious head of the QAnon conspiracy. He is not a government insider—at least not in his official bio. No, he is the author of this book. The Elimination Threat reads just like the QAnon conspiracies. A massive hidden cabal running theContinue Reading