The Book of Pslams

What if God was not the benevolent, and vengeful, God of the Bible? What if he had job burnout and a sarcastic sense of humor? You are about to find out in The Book of Pslams. God has already written down everything about how mankind can live a good life.Continue Reading

The Investigator

The author of the Prey series and Virgil Flowers novels lets another Davenport out into the world. Letty Davenport gets her turn at a series in The Investigator. Letty is just out of college and bored in her job working for US Senator Chris Colles. He offers Letty a chanceContinue Reading

Bountiful Garden

In Bountiful Garden, six teenage scientists awaken ten years early from their cryostasis. They have been selected by Earth to begin a new civilization on a planet far away. Their ship is trapped above an unknown planet. The team splits up with three exploring the planet and three attempting toContinue Reading