Sweet Cream Ladies, Ltd.

Sweet Cream Ladies Ltd

In Sweet Cream Ladies, Ltd., two over-the-hill (in their late thirties!) and self-acknowledged overweight actresses decide life isn’t fair. Unfortunately, their self-help plan may get them arrested.

In New York City, Binnie and Bootsie are underemployed actresses, who need to find better paying jobs. They jokingly, drunkenly, and loudly state that they are starting a hit woman company called Sweet Cream Ladies, Ltd. in a crowded bar. They proceed to name who and how they will murder their first four victims to demonstrate their talents. Two are their cheap ex-husbands. One is the lady who swindled money from Bootsie. The fourth is the actress who got the role that Bootsie wanted by using a casting couch that she appeared to drag from job to job.

The (sorta) good news is that cards are appearing on the bar’s corkboard requesting the company’s services. The bad news is that the police pull the ladies in for questioning when Bootsie’s husband is killed in the exact way they described. The really good news is that the Detective in charge of the case is hot and seems to be flirting with Bootsie.

Sweet Cream Ladies, Ltd. is a humorous cozy mystery. Hopefully, it is the first in a series. Binnie and Bootsie are hilarious and frequently end up in some slapstick situations. Their characters and the friendship between them seem genuine. Comparisons with Stephanie Plum and Lula are true. I can see this series growing a similar bond between the two leads plus it’s laugh-out-loud funny too. This book is recommended to readers that like some humor with their cozy mysteries and/or are interested in the world of acting. 4 stars!

Thanks to Encircle Publications, Ltd. and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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