Shakespeare for Squirrels

Shakespeare for Squirrels

Anything, like Shakespeare for Squirrels, that makes me laugh out loud this much in these troubling times deserves 5 stars! Oh, dang, I’ve spoiled the ending!

Meet Pocket of Dog Snogging upon Ouze, all-licensed fool to kings etc. He and the large ninny Drool are set adrift by pirates with their tiny monkey named Jeff and their talking puppet on a stick, Jones. Washed ashore on Greece, Jeff is missing. Drool and Pocket are soon arrested. Soon-to-be Queen Hippolyta frees Pocket with a quest to find the fairy that killed the Puck named Robin Goodfellow. The deadline is short—only three days—or both Pocket and Drool will be slowly tortured until dead.

Having only truly read Julius Caesar (aloud as Brutus in 7th grade English), my Shakespearean knowledge is paper thin. In fact, I only found out after reading this book that it is based on A Midsummer’s Night Dream. That doesn’t matter. You can enjoy this tale with no pre-knowledge at all.

Of course, I should mention that the characters do swear constantly and are focused on sex seemingly non-stop. But honestly, what else was available to do then. It was centuries before video games and Netflix.

Overall, Shakespeare for Squirrels has the witty wordplay writ medieval of the previous book in the series, Serpent of Venice, that I also adored. If you just want a hilariously fun read, look no further. 5 stars and in my top five books of the year!

Thanks to William Morrow Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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