Sex Pistols: I Wanna Be Me

Sex Pistols: I Wanna Be Me

The Sex Pistols were a phenomenon that popped up about the same time as disco began in the mid to late 1970s. There truly couldn’t be two more opposite styles. For angry young people upset about inflation and no jobs, punk was the perfect way to release their frustration that society sucked. The band members were just as frustrated. Unfortunately, making money meant money for drugs, lots and lots of drugs, and an equal number of bad, or at least not good, decisions. Fifty years later, inflation is returning so it’s the perfect time to revisit punk with the Sex Pistols: I Wanna Be Me.

This book is a companion piece to Danny Boyle’s gritty Pistol, a six-episode limited series (currently on Hulu but originally airing on FX). The book goes into more detail than the movie. However, if you can I would recommend seeing the show first. You really have to see the Sex Pistols to understand their self-destructive energy. Sex Pistols: I Wanna Be Me also has over 150 photographs that show the boys at their most great and their most dodgy moments. 5 stars and a favorite for music, not just punk, fans!

Thanks to Palazzo Editions and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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