Scarlet Book One

Scarlet Book One

Scarlet is convinced the world is broken in Scarlet Book One.

Scarlet and her boyfriend, Gabriel, are hassled by bad cop Gary Dunes. When he feels up Scarlet, Gabriel punches him. When Gabriel is shot by Dunes and framed as a drug kingpin, Scarlet vows revenge. But revenge doesn’t satisfy Scarlet. She starts a revolution to overthrow the corrupt leaders of the world.

The use of a female first-person narrative is innovative. But breaking through the fourth wall to make the reader her co-conspirator is genuinely brilliant. Plus the artwork is gritty and gorgeous. There is nothing here to dislike. Though originally created and published eight years ago, the plot seems entirely of the moment in the wave of the Trump and Kavanaugh protests.

Scarlet Book One collects the first five issues. With the recent collaboration between DC Comics and writer Bendis, new issues of Scarlet are being released. This book is a quick way to see Scarlet’s back story. 4 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, Jinxworld, and NetGalley for an advance copy.

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