Peanut Butter Panic

Peanut Butter Panic

In Peanut Butter Panic, Bailey is catering the desserts for a new village Thanksgiving celebration. But when the boyfriend of the celebration organizer’s mother dies from an allergic peanut reaction, Bailey must prove that her family’s sweet shop didn’t accidently kill him toot sweet.

I always look forward to reading the latest book in the Amish Candy Shop mystery series because it feels like catching up with old friends. These books usually have a holiday theme, which always gets me in a holiday mood too. Plus, how can I not love Jethro, the adorable and rambunctious pet pig?

The mystery is good but there really isn’t a chance to solve it before Bailey does, which disappointed my inner armchair detective. Instead, the main focus of the book is Bailey’s relationship with her boyfriend Aiden. Since Aiden has quit his job in the town sheriff’s office and taken a job in a nearby city, they rarely see each other, and Bailey’s source of insider info is gone.

If you love cozy mysteries with a sweet romance, realistic characters, and a pig straight from a 1930s screwball comedy movie, don’t miss Peanut Butter Panic. 5 stars!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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