Park Bench

Park Bench cover pic

Just a marvelously heartwarming story about life through a park bench’s eyes. 

Park Bench opens with a young boy carving I heart U in a park bench. Throughout the seasons, people pass by the park bench.  Some sit for a while. Others sleep while avoiding the park’s police.  No words are spoken throughout the graphic novel.  However, occasionally the people use other objects to get their point across (like the I heart U in the beginning).  One particular vignette uses newspapers and graffiti very cleverly. The less you know of the book’s plot the better.

I just adored Park Bench. The ending was perfect!  The illustrations were excellent! I give my highest recommendation to Park Bench.  It can be read by all ages (since there are very few words) but adults will probably enjoy it the most.

11 stars (dang the stars only go up to 5) correction 5 dazzling stars!

Thanks to the publisher, Gallery 13, and netgalley for the advanced review copy in exchange for my honest review. The book will be available September 19, 2017.

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