Novel Advice

Novel Advice

I love the premise of Novel Advice.

“I’ll be the agony aunt for the unreal. You can call me Aunt Antigone.”

The book writes Dear Abby letters from the characters of most classic fiction and a few modern books too. Then the book’s author answers them. For example, Aunt Antigone replies to Scarlett from Gone with the Wind, “Why exactly do you need to be married? […] Do you feel a void at the center of your soul, and are you driven to fill it with another person?”

I enjoyed guessing from who, and from which book, the questions were coming. The answers were not as interesting to me as the questions. And the book’s feel was more interesting or maybe cute—rather the hilarious mentioned in the book’s blurb. Overall, Novel Advice is a unique idea but its execution felt a bit weak. 3 stars (unless you’re an English Literature major, then probably much higher).

Thanks to Tiller Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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