Murder at Hotel 1911

Murder at Hotel 1911

The blurb for Murder at Hotel 1911 drew me in.

“A hotel clerk prone to panic attacks turns amateur detective in this elegant and atmospheric murder mystery.”

The book’s setting in a mansion permanently stuck in 1911 is very original. In my opinion, the atmospheric setting and its associated history was the best part of the book. I also liked the realistic depiction of mental illness, specifically panic attacks.

Unfortunately, the heroine, Ivy, who works the night desk at the hotel, makes some increasingly stupid decisions throughout the plot. In real life, she would be dead by the ending.

Speaking of the ending, it was in Latin, which luckily my Kindle was able to translate. However, the translation didn’t help much other than to hint at a science fiction twist in the next book in the series. So even though I didn’t like Ivy, I am now compelled to read the next book. Science fiction cozy mystery? Sign me up! For Murder at Hotel 1911, just 3 stars. Hopefully, Ivy will learn from her mistakes in the next book.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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