Lemon Drop Dead

Lemon Drop Dead

The latest book in the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series, Lemon Drop Dead, doesn’t disappoint. Join Bailey, Aiden, Emily, Charlotte and Jethro the spotted pig to solve a couple of mysteries in this humorous installment in the series with serious undertones.

Bailey helps her Amish grandmother with her candy shop in Harvest, Ohio. In addition, Bailey hosts a successful cable cooking show in NYC. When her neighbors suggest a baby shower for Bailey’s assistant Emily, she agrees. However, when a strange woman accosts Emily at her baby shower and blurts out Emily’s deepest secret, Bailey is concerned. Later that night, the strange woman is found murdered in Emily’s estranged family’s pretzel shop. Could Emily’s sister, Esther, be the killer? The threatening note from Esther found in the victim’s pocket seems to seal Esther’s fate. Can Bailey help Emily clear her sister’s name while also keeping Emily’s secret safe?

I just love the characters in this cozy series. They feel like family. It feels like a holiday celebration when each new book is published. Once again, Lemon Drop Dead gets a 5 star rating and is a new favorite book of mine!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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