Last Thing She Remembers

Last Thing She Remembers

The Last Thing She Remembers is being at the airport. She can’t remember how she got there or even her name. She has her suitcase but there is no indication in it of her name or destination. Luckily, she finds a train ticket home in her pocket.

When she arrives at the train’s destination, she recognizes her home. However, when she knocks on the door, a stranger answers. The house’s residents, married couple Tony and Laura, insist they have owned the house for a month. But the traveler knows the layout of the house so the couple call their doctor thinking she has amnesia. The doctor tells her to rest. As the hospital is full, she stays with Tony and Laura. To ensure the best experience, it is best if the rest of the plot is unknown.

The Last Thing She Remembers is extremely plot driven.  Character development is sacrificed a bit for the many twists and turns. Determining the final plot resolution is unlikely so this book would not be good for armchair detectives. However, the rollicking ride through one person’s life is great fun. As soon as I finished the shocking conclusion, I returned to the beginning to see if it was fair to the ending. And it was! I just didn’t see it during my initial reading. One off-topic comment, this book could only take place in England as no one will open a door to a stranger in California or most areas of the US. They certainly wouldn’t invite a stranger to spend a few days in their house. Overall, it’s a good thriller read especially for readers that enjoy a twisty plot and aren’t overly concerned with character motivation. 3.5 stars!

Thanks to Park Row and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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