Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl

Saffyre is trying to be an Invisible Girl. She is investigating the creeps in her neighborhood. And what a large number of creeps there are!

Every character in this book has a horrifying back story plus a deeply hidden secret. Even the seemingly innocent child abuse survivor, and now missing, Saffyre has secrets. She was following, and secretly videoing, many of her neighbors. Was she kidnapped by one of them to protect their own secrets? Or did the local rapist add her to his crime spree? Or was the perp actually both?

There are many possible triggers in this book from child abuse, sexual assault, emotional abuse, rape, physical abuse, and other items that are spoilers. If you are sensitive to anything, it would be safer to avoid reading this book. Other thriller readers, however, may enjoy Invisible Girl. The individual twists were hard to guess but I spotted the ultimate villain from almost the first page. For that reason, 4 stars!

Thanks to Atria Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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