How to Win with Willpower

How to Win with Willpower

Willpower is an “energetic determination” to accomplish a goal. That goal can be adding something like finishing your college degree or stopping something like eating less to lose weight. However, it is much more likely to happen if the end goal is yours—and not your parent’s or boyfriend’s desire. So everyone needs willpower to achieve their true goals in life. But now the question is How to Win with Willpower.

The author, a certified professional (life) coach and Licensed Master Social Worker, lists seventy-five strategies to achieve the goal(s) you have determined earlier in the book. Many are based in psychology like removing cognitive dissonance (or rooting for two opposing teams as once) by literally just going all in for one team. Others are more practical like planning how to handle distractions. I especially liked feeling compassion for yourself. It’s not all or nothing, officially called cognitive distortion, that is causing me to eat an entire pizza because I already blew my diet with the first piece. It’s faulty reasoning that can be changed if we recognize it.

The author’s upbeat attitude, explicit strategies, and easy-to-read writing style makes How to Win with Willpower a winner as a self-help book. Let’s face it we all need a little help with achieving our goals. 5 stars!

Thanks to Rockridge Press and Callisto Publisher’s Club for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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