How to Kill Men and Get Away With It

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It

Kitty is a lot of things. She is young, rich and beautiful. She is an influencer with over a million followers. And she knows How to Kill Men and Get Away With It. Not just any men…only those cads that treat women like dirt or worse. You know, like her first and last boyfriend, Adam. But then she meets charming Charlie. Could he be her true love? Or is he her online stalker, who appears to know about her avocation, clothed in a handsome facade?

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It is such a fun read! We’ve all seen men who “deserved to die”. Now, we can vicariously kill them through Kitty’s story. That being said, a lot of the plot can be summarized in two words, female Dexter.

So, while the plot is a bit derivative, this book would make a perfect gift for a lovelorn friend. 3.5 stars.

Thanks to Harper 360 and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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