How to Eat More Plants

How to Eat More Plants

With grocery prices rising fast, who doesn’t want to save money and live healthier by eating more plants. But if you are unfamiliar with vegan or vegetarian cooking, your plant recipe repertoire may seem like a menu of side dishes. This book addresses that problem by explaining How to Eat More Plants.

The book includes an extensive, well-researched (but easily understood) guide to why eating more plants is beneficial. In brief, a healthier gut, fatter wallet, lowered disease risk, and more advantages await. The book includes over eighty recipes and three twenty-eight-day plans to change your carnivorous habits. What makes How to Eat More Plants different is it doesn’t push an all-or-nothing vegan or vegetarian menu. Eating even a few more plants is healthier and cheaper than your current meat heavy diet. Oh, and about that diet word, the book’s plan is not marketed as a weight loss diet. Could you lose weight on it? Certainly, but no food restrictions or calorie counting is required—the only requirement is that thirty servings of a diverse range of plants are eaten each week.

My only concern is that the recipes seem to be for better cooks than me, on at least an intermediate chef level. Most include a multitude of ingredients too, which may mean stocking your pantry will be expensive in the beginning. But these are minor gripes. How to Eat More Plants should result in eating more plants without feeling guilty for your Saturday night steak dinner. Yay for that! 4 stars.

Thanks to The Experiment and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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