I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who early in the pandemic bought more dried beans, lentils and peas than they would eat in a year. I wanted to read Grist because of two sentences in the introduction:

“Prep the ingredient instead of the finished dish so that ingredient can be used speedily while avoiding the dreaded ‘lentil soup fatigue.’ Throughout the book there are a week without boredom grids to illustrate how one pot of lentils can feed you throughout the week while eschewing boredom along the way.“

As the proud owner of three pounds of various colors of lentils not to mention a whole grocery bag of pounds of different beans, how could I pass up finding a way to use them up—without boredom. Most of the recipes use relatively common and inexpensive pantry ingredients. That makes Grist a good choice for home chefs trying to save on their food bill. Of course, the healthy ingredients will also attract cooks trying to eat wiser. I always like cookbooks to have photographs of every recipe as well as nutritional information. Unfortunately, this cookbook fails both of those criteria so I’m deducting a star. 4 stars!

Thanks to Chronicle Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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