Food Dehydrating: How to Dry Fruit & Vegetables

Food Dehydrating cover pic

Dehydrating recipes for basically every fruit and veggie.

I bought a new food dehydrator despite knowing nothing at all about dehydrating. I just wanted to save some money and have some control over what was in my fruit rollups and beef jerky.

I downloaded about five dehydrating books from the Kindle Unlimited program to find one that I liked. This one is the clear winner. Food Dehydrating has clear and concise recipes for almost every fruit and vegetable (even iceberg lettuce!). It also has a very good explanation of how the dehydrating process works scientifically to preserve food (for nerds like me but easily skipped if that’s not your style). This is why I love the Kindle Unlimited program. ┬áSome of the other books that I downloaded had a better cover, book synopsis, and reviews; but this one was much better both in organization, content and writing style. 5 stars!


  1. Just starting out gottu a new dehydrat and need good recipes

    1. Author

      You can’t go wrong with this book. Whenever I have leftover veggies & fruit, I dehydrate it following this book’s recipes. I used to just throw it out.

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