Find You in the Dark

Find You in the Dark

Find You in the Dark is a great concept bogged down with poor plotting and characterization.

Martin Reese has a secret. He likes to determine where serial killers bury their victims, dig them up, photograph them, rebury the bodies and then leave anonymous snarky messages for the police telling the bodies’ location. His obsession leads him to marry the sister of one victim and stumble onto a recent victim. As the recent victim’s killer stalks Martin so does Detective Sandra Whittal. She believes Martin has a more serious motive for his obsession than providing closure for the victims’ families.

Even with such a great premise, this book fails on evoking suspense. The first half drags with only the last 10% having any sort of page-turning momentum. Also, none of the characters feel like sympathetic genuine people. Therefore, Find You in the Dark earns only 3 stars.

Thanks to Atria and NetGalley for an advance copy.

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