Drink Me!

Drink Me!

Drink Me! has 25 cocktail recipes all linked to the plot of Alice in Wonderland.

Each recipe comes with a brief explanation of how it relates to the Alice in Wonderland story. For example, the Unbirthday Cake Martini uses cake frosting-infused vodka, hazelnut and raspberry liqueurs, and pineapple and lemon juice. With the rainbow sprinkle topping, you will want to drink this martini on all 364 of your unbirthdays this year. Drink Me! also has recipes for creating the special infusions used in the book. I have never heard of a fat-washed infusion before but I can see its usefulness beyond the recipes in this book.

Drink Me! is such an innovative idea. I can’t wait to combine my love of exotic cocktails with my love of Alice in Wonderland by having a themed party on Halloween. A great book for amateur or profession bartenders but even better for Alice fans. 4 stars!

Thanks to the publisher, Rock Point, and NetGalley for an advance copy.

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