Dark Hollows

Dark Hollows

Long-buried secrets are revealed in the Dark Hollows of Jacob’s life.

Jacob lives in The Hollows in Vermont. He owns a coffee shop. Jacob also short-term rents out a cottage on his land to leaf peepers and other tourists. His large black Lab mutt, Murphy, is prominent in his ads for the rental. And Jacob loves Murphy with a passion seldom found between species.

One day, a guest appears who looks exactly like Jacob’s dead ex-girlfriend, Laura. The visitor even signs the cottage’s guestbook with Laura’s full name and then vanishes. Has Laura returned from the dead? What secrets will her arrival stir up in Jacob’s life? And, what does she want from him?

Dark Hollows was an intriguing book right up until the unsatisfying conclusion. I hate open-ended plots. It feels like I was cheated by the author. So I took one star off resulting in my 3 star rating.

Thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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