Coached to Death

Coached to Death

The sister of the Psychic Eye cozy series, Cat, pairs up with the sidekick from the Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Gilley, in the first book in the Life Coach Mysteries, Coached to Death.

Heather is what happens when a bully grows up. She becomes even more vindictive and vicious. After all, what had Cat done other than build her new mansion next door? Heather decides to return the favor by humiliating Cat at a party with all of the East Hampton socialites in attendance.

At least, Cat has a dinner date with the suave Maks, who is also her newest tenant. Plus she has her first client’s messed up life to fix. Unfortunately, when Heather is bashed in the head with the punchbowl that Cat brought to the party, handsome Detective Steve suspects Cat. It could be because Cat threatened to leave Heather “a bloody mess” before storming out.

I’ve read every book in the Ghost Hunter series. My favorite part is Gilley, whose humorous take on life is the best part of any book he is in. It was a sad day for me when he mentioned that M.J. and her new husband, Heath, have given up ghost hunting. However, this new series has the same humor and distinct characters. It’s just missing the paranormal subject matter.

Coached to Death is a good first book in this new cozy mystery series. I believe it is the only cozy exploring life coaching. Also, Cat is a strong female lead with a backstory of starting and running a successful marketing firm. Plus she is rich, which always helps.

Still, the star here is Gilley. He is still fluttery and anxious. But he seems more adult and less frantic with no ghosts to worry about. Of course, his over-the-top humor is always welcome. If you like funny cozy mysteries, you should pick up this book. 4 stars!

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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