Blimey, I’m Knackered!

Blimey, I’m Knackered!

Puzzled by words used by Britons? Want to understand more while watching Love Island UK or Australia? Blimey, I’m Knackered! has you covered.

As a lover of mysteries, I watch a lot of British TV on streaming services. It would have been helpful to have this guide when I first started. But even after a decade or more of Acorn, I still found many unfamiliar words in here. For example, doing porridge is not a British version of the plot twist in American Pie. It means spending time in prison. The book includes words and phrases for the entire British Commonwealth. So, The Casketeers, set in New Zealand, will now be completely understandable.

The book is alphabetized within chapter groupings of things like slang and wardrobe. There is also an alphabetical index without the groupings. You will be saying Blimey, I’m Knackered! (Dang, I’m exhausted) if you try to read this book straight through. It is better suited for traveling and translating British TV, movies, and books on the fly. Additionally, it would be a fantastic reference for writers planning on setting their novels in the British Commonwealth. 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Imbrifex Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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