Black Tide

Black Tide

Black Tide begins with a romance that quickly turns into an apocalyptic horror tale.

Beth and Mike meet over their garden wall and quickly get drunk together. When Beth wakes up alone in Mike’s bed, she has dreamed of an alien invasion. However, it turns out it is not just a dream but a real-life nightmare. Something has fallen from the sky along with what appears to be meteorites. Mike and Beth, along with Jake the dog that Beth is dog sitting, try to discover what is happening in this adrenaline-fueled thriller.

Do you love action movies like Transformers where the action doesn’t stop for anything—including plotting and character development? Black Tide excels at action. It has only one speed, pedal-to-the-medal drag race fast and the braking parachute is obviously ripped. It is exhausting after a while. Personally, I like more plot-based horror, but I can see that this style would appeal to many readers. 3 stars.

Thanks to Tor Nightfire and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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