Beastars Vol 1

Beastars Vol 1

Everyone wants to be a hero, or even a superhero, in Beastars Vol 1, a new high school manga for grades 4 through 7.

At Cherryton Academy, carnivores and herbivores live in separate dorms. But when an alpaca is killed, the carnivores are the prime suspects especially a large wolf called Legoshi. The murdered alpaca, Tem, was friendly with Legoshi in their drama club. Tem was also the lead in the club’s latest play. Could his murder have been motivated by envy rather than hunger?

This manga is marketed to ages 9 through 12, which explains the rather simplistic plot. I would have liked more world-building. Why are the animals in a mixed school? It also seemed weird to have a budding romance between a huge wolf and a dwarf rabbit. I’m sure there must be an underlying message (about bullying or belonging in high school) that I’m completely missing. Nevertheless, I’ll give Beastars Vol 1 3 stars for children in the right age group.

Thanks to Viz Media and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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