Batman Vol 8: Cold Days

Batman Vol 8: Cold Days

Batman is still feeling blue about his marriage plans going awry and his son’s death in Batman Vol 8: Cold Days.

Bruce Wayne is empaneled on a jury. The trial’s question is whether Mr. Freeze killed three woman in the vain hope to resurrect his dead wife. After both sides have rested their case, the jury takes a first vote. All but Bruce vote guilty. Bruce’s reasons are a complex philosophical rant about alternate explanations for the evidence.

In the second story Bruce and Dick reminisce through flashbacks to Dick’s arrival at the Wayne Mansion after his parent’s death.

The final story has the Russian assassin, KGBeast, having an existential moment with his father. Later, he battles Batman in a snowy landscape.

Batman Vol 8: Cold Days collects Batman #51-57. This volume has some thought-provoking introspection, which is what I love about the Dark Knight. He’s  a thinker. Even the third story has self-examination but this time by the villain.  It also has copious fighting. However, I think I liked the first story best, where Batman is obviously having difficult dealing with his recent history. It is like a Batman take on 12 Angry Men, the old black and white Henry Fonda movie from 1957. The art on all the stories is fabulous as usual.

I like a change so I am giving my highest recommendation to Batman Vol 8: Cold Days plus 5 stars!

Thanks to DC Comics and NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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