Are You Sleeping?

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Young Adult Family Drama more than a Mystery/Thriller

How would you feel if your father’s murder was being covered in a non-fiction podcast? Would you be grateful that someone was looking further into his murder or would you be upset that all the old information is being dredged up once again? That is the premise of this novel. The podcast in this book has a remarkable, and author acknowledged, resemblance to the popular podcast, Serial, in its first season.

Josie, the good twin, and Lanie, the bad twin, are both in the house during the crime. Lanie testifies that she saw Wesley, a goth teenage neighbor, commit the crime. After the murder, Josie and Lanie’s mother left the girls with their aunt and joined a cult. Wesley was convicted of the murder. His mother contacted the podcast in the hopes of getting more information to prove her son’s innocence.

This is categorized as a mystery/thriller but it was easy to guess whodunit. It seemed almost a Young Adult read because so much of the story was flashbacks to the twin’s youth. There are many twists and turns and as many red herrings as there are subplots. It also has complex family dynamics underlying its other themes.

Overall, I think this novel would appeal to older teens or readers that like to read about how families interrelate. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to mystery/thriller readers that are looking, like I am, for the next Gone Girl.

I want to thank the publisher, author and netgalley for an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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