A Walk Through Hell

A Walk Through Hell

Something evil lurks inside a Long Beach warehouse in A Walk Through Hell.

Two FBI agents, Goss and Hunzikker, walk into a warehouse never to return. An eight-person SWAT team is sent in to find the missing agents. Thirty seconds later, they come out talking of dread and someone coming to get them. A few hours later, they are all dead.

Agents Shaw and McGregor go in next. What they see and feel is extraordinary! It seems the very fabric of life and death is distorted in the warehouse. How can they get themselves and their fellow agents out? More importantly, what is causing the strange physics, and can they stop it from overtaking the world?

I expect a lot from the author of Preacher, one of my favorite comics ever. And A Walk Through Hell delivers! This is an excellent horror tale. The less you know going in the better for the reveals that await you. Don’t worry about all the unlabeled flashbacks and flashforwards. You will understand what is happening by the end of the series. The artwork, especially the somber coloring, adds a lot to the dread. 5 stars and another favorite.

Thanks to Aftershock Comics and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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