A Girl Named Anna

A Girl Named Anna

A Girl Named Anna begins to question her whole world after visiting the Astroland amusement park.

“Today is my eighteenth birthday and, for the first time, I am lying to my mother.”

So says Anna before sneaking off from her religious mamma to visit the park with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rosie misses her sister who was three when she disappeared from the same park fifteen years ago.

It is hard not to see Piper Laurie, from the original Carrie movie, playing the bible-thumping mamma of Anna. Just a few more blocks down the crazy street, if you get my meaning. The missing child plot is identical to several other, better, books I’ve read recently. Overall, I didn’t see much originality in A Girl Named Anna, though the writing was good. I would read the next tale by this debut thriller writer. 3 stars.

Thanks to MIRA, Harlequin Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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