The Witches of Bone Hill

Two sisters, each with their own problems, come together to accept a large inheritance from an unknown aunt. However, they get much more than wealth. The Bone sisters’ mother ran away from her wealthy family at a young age to the hard-scrabble life that was all the family memories thatContinue Reading

Dead on Target

Private detective Agatha Raisin once again crosses swords (or in this case, arrows) with Detective Chief Inspector Wilkes in the 34th entry is this enchanting cozy mystery series. In Dead on Target, Agatha finds a body near a village fete. It’s the house-rich, cash-poor and maid grabbing landowner, Sir Godfrey.Continue Reading


Most alcohol interventions require abstaining from drinking forever. Interested in reducing your drinking but not stopping forever? Turn to Soberish. I’ve never read a book like this before so I can’t comment on its originality or innovation. However, Soberish is a good self-help guide for controlling your alcohol intake. ItContinue Reading

Hemlock Island

Hemlock Island begins with an intriguing, but not very original, premise. Laney has recently divorced her husband, Kit. She refused alimony but agreed to keep the remote private island where they lived. Unfortunately, she cannot maintain such an elaborate estate on her teacher’s salary. She has been renting out theContinue Reading

The Stranger Upstairs

A bestselling author, therapist, and social media influencer decides to document her renovation of a house where a tragic murder occurred. Unfortunately, a shattering marriage and the slow unraveling of her long-buried family secrets threaten both the project and her life. Will the madness of the house’s former murderous familyContinue Reading

Scenes of the Crime

Five friends have a girls’ weekend at a remote vineyard, which results in a missing woman. Did she have an accident or were more sinister forces at work? One of the women decides to have a reunion at the Scenes of the Crime while working on a script about whatContinue Reading