Steeped in Malice

It’s always delightful to step back into the world of Lily and her grandmother Rose in the Tea by the Sea cozy mysteries. In Steeped in Malice, it gets personal for Lily when a well-heeled guest is killed. Wesley, the victim’s new husband aka Lily’s abusive ex-boyfriend, has millions ofContinue Reading

Silver Nitrate

Silver Nitrate is the latest book by the author of the excellent Mexican Gothic and the so-so The Daughter of Doctor Moreau. I was hoping this book was more like the first book. Unfortunately, it was not. My issue with Daughter was the slow pacing and the unoriginal subject matter.Continue Reading

The Block Party

The Block Party makes me glad I moved away from the suburbs! Everyone in the cul de sac is trying to impress everyone else at their annual block party. But they are all burdened with secrets. Secrets that come out after a murder occurs at the following year’s party. AsContinue Reading

Sushi Master

If you have just finished your budget and realized you spend way too much money in sushi restaurants, I have the book for you. Sushi Master looks at sushi creation in the most detailed way possible. From what tools you need to clear and concise techniques to cut and prepareContinue Reading

Dahlia in the Dark

The artwork in Dahlia in the Dark Vol. 1 is great. However, the plot is confusing. While the idea of a fairy world living side-by-side with humans is intriguing, the execution is choppy, and the characters are paper thin. It’s a shame. 3 stars. Thanks to Mad Cave Studios andContinue Reading

A Cryptic Clue

A Cryptic Clue is the first in the new Hunter and Clewe cozy mystery series. The author also writes the excellent Blue Ridge Library series, so I was anxious to read her latest book. The book stars 60-year-old Jane Hunter, a recently laid off librarian, who has found a conservationContinue Reading

The Centre

The Centre is an exclusive and secretive language school. Twenty learners stay for ten days in residence with no connections to the outside world and no talking to the other learners or staff. When they return home, they can speak a new language like a native. The mystery is howContinue Reading

Food, We Need to Talk

Food, We Need to Talk is the latest diet book I’ve read but it is completely different than most diet books. Instead of a diet plan full of restrictions with recipes at the end, this book is full of refreshing ideas about how, and why, plans like that don’t workContinue Reading

Flop Dead Gorgeous

Intense court scenes, Hollywood backstage drama, sardonic humor, and a multitude of cute dogs fill Flop Dead Gorgeous. This legal mystery is the latest novel in the Andy Carpenter (wannabe retired, but keeps being dragged back into the courtroom) lawyer series. This time he is forced to defend a formerContinue Reading