100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now

100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now

All readers will find a few gems within 100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now.

As phones get more complicated, it gets harder and harder to find all the tasks they are capable of doing. Strangely enough, nothing comes with a manual anymore (not that I would read it), just when it is increasingly required to understand that computer in your hand. If there are millennials and younger reading this review, I know that YouTube is the new manual. However, you have decades of more time to waste watching people begging for subscribers than I do. Time is short! This book will take all of two minutes to find what you want in the index and follow the clear and illustrated instructions to set it up on your iPhone.

Brimming with useful info, it is a given that while many tips will be familiar, many more will inspire an a-ha moment. While many tips are how to set up your iPhone features, there also some for companion apps like Safari, Hiya, Maps, Uber and Waze.

Who doesn’t want Siri to have an Irish accent (at least on St. Patrick’s Day)? 100+ iPhone/iPad Tricks You Can Do Right Now is the perfect gift for the iPhone user in your life. The clear instructions and illustrations plus logical organization make it a great resource. 4 stars!

Thanks to iWorkshop Academy Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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