When You Get the Chance

When You Get the Chance

Sometimes you feel like reading a light breezy romance. When You Get the Chance is that type of book.

Millie is a drama kid in a NYC high school. But she wants more. Her goal this summer is to get parental permission to go to a prestigious drama school in California. She has secretly passed all the school’s auditions, and even won a partial scholarship. But her dad, a single parent since Millie’s birth, won’t sign the paperwork. So, Millie decides to look for her mother, the mother whose name has never been spoken.

Millie and her best friend, Teddy, investigate her father’s old social media accounts and find three mother candidates. It’s Millie’s turn to decide which one is her real mom—and convince her to sign the school’s permission slip. There is only one hiccup in Millie’s plan, Oliver, her drama class nemesis, is mom-blocking her chances of working with Mom #3.

While reading When You Get the Chance, I saw every twist coming. But that was fine because I was enjoying hanging out with all of these wonderful characters. This is the perfect book to forget your problems and remember how stressful high school and early adulthood was. At least all that is over! 5 stars!

Thanks to Wednesday Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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