Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

Forget everything you think you know about vampires. They can’t fly and sucking blood is just too much work when blood donation centers do all the work for you. A typical Vampire Weekend might be cleaning your house and running errands. Of course, you are a night owl, but other than that, you seem pretty normal. You, as does everyone, continue to have issues with your family members.

It’s the family problems that permeate this novel that I have the main issue with. I wanted Anne Rice’s exotic and dangerous vampires (or even True Blood’s undead at least before the fairy twist.) I got a family drama set in a vampire’s boringly normal world.

However, maybe you like reading family dramas. If so, Vampire Weekend may be fine for you. For me, it didn’t hit the right notes and seemed overlong. 3 stars.

Thanks to MIRA and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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