The Wives

The Wives

Thursday is just one of The Wives. Their husband Seth calls all three wives by the day that he visits them. There is Monday, his youngest and newest wife, who is in early pregnancy. Tuesday is his original wife and is older. When she didn’t want children, Seth decided to legally divorce her and marry second wife Thursday. But then Thursday cannot have children either so he marries young and fertile Monday.

Seth explains that he was born from polygamists so it seems normal to have more than one wife to him. However, he wants to avoid all the mama drama in polygamist households by not telling his wives each other names.

One day, Thursday stumbles on a doctor’s bill in Seth’s pocket for Hannah, who she later discovers is Monday. When meeting Hannah, she finds fingerprint-shaped bruises on her. Could Hannah’s version of Seth be a wife beater? If so, why doesn’t he beat Thursday?

That is just the first 20% of this crazy thriller where nothing is as it seems and no one’s word can be trusted. Basically, everyone may be an unreliable narrator. It is up to the reader to determine who, if anyone, is telling the full story. I love playing armchair detective. However, after about the halfway point, I stopped trying to guess what was going happen. It was easier and less frustrating to just let the story play out like a movie in front of me. So if you are ready for a Marvel Universe level of suspension of disbelief, then you are ready for this thriller. It is a wild ride. The Wives will make a great HBO limited series or movie. 4 stars!

Thanks to Graydon House, Harlequin Books, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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