The Vacation

The Vacation

Four female former college roommates go on a one-week vacation in France to celebrate their fortieth birthdays. They bring their spouses and children along. This is definitely The Vacation they will never forget.

Despite being a Monday, I was desperately looking for an easy bee-itchy beach read. I needed a fun tale to take my mind off the looming five days of working from home plus, you know, the plague that surrounds us. I found it in The Vacation.

Everyone has secrets. But one has a plan:

“I know I shouldn’t have looked [at my husband’s messages on his phone]. But I did. And that was when everything started coming apart at the seams. My husband, my soul mate, my rock, was having an affair with one of oldest and dearest friends. I’m going to smoke you out, find out which of you has betrayed me, which one of you is trying to break my family apart.”

Let the games and intrigue begin…

The Vacation is the perfect book if you want to forget your own problems by diving straight into someone else’s. It’s an enjoyable plot filled with many twists and turns. 4 stars!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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