The Temps

The Temps

Jacob Elliott picked a bad day to begin working as a temporary mailroom clerk at Delphi Enterprises. First, he went to the wrong entrance of the massive campus. After being directed to the correct location, he arrived late. All the permanent employees were leaving to hear the company’s CEO speak in the adjacent amphitheater. When Jacob’s curiosity finds him peering into the window of the amphitheater, he sees a yellow mist descend within. When the mist clears, the attendees are furiously killing each other and themselves. He stumbles back to the mailroom, where he and another temp named Lauren watch the news. It appears a chemical weapon has been launched against many major American cities. How will The Temps survive? Are all their loved ones dead? Is everyone else already gone?

I adore disaster and apocalyptic tales. If you do too, you will enjoy this great book that is perfect for Walking Dead fans. 4.5 stars for The Temps!

Thanks to Keylight Books for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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