The Only Survivors

The Only Survivors

It was the worst or the best reason for a reunion. Ten years after a high school field trip goes horribly wrong, The Only Survivors get together every year on the event’s anniversary. They are sticking together to avoid the fate of two of their number. Survivor’s guilt and a Final Destination-like feeling of Death coming to claim them has caused two of the survivors to kill themselves. There are only seven of them left.

Now, someone may be stalking their reunion. Podcasters have been contacting many of the survivors. Could it be them looking for some dirt? Or could the feelings of being watched actually be caused by one of their own? There would be a lot of money offered for a true story, not the official story they all had agreed to tell ten long years ago, of what happened the night of the event. The settlement money from the school is starting to run out making money a powerful motive for a tell-all book.

Atmosphere, atmosphere, and more atmosphere! The feeling of dread is pervasive throughout the novel. Breaking up the first-person current day account by Cassidy, one of the survivors, are many flashbacks to the night of the event told in third person by the other survivors. So, there are two mysteries to solve: what happened during the event and what is going on at the reunion. Luckily, I found both to be compellingly told.

The Only Survivors is great for fans of the Final Destination movies as well as anyone looking for a can’t-put-down thriller. 4 stars!

Thanks to Scribner and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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