The End of Her

The End of Her

Erica gets around. She bullied the people adopting her newborn baby into handing over an extra $100,000. She is having an affair with Niall, a married man, with the intent to blackmail him later. And now she is blackmailing Patrick to not tell his wife, or the authorities, about the real story behind the death of Lindsay, his first wife. It seems Erica, despite being Lindsay’s best friend, was sleeping with Patrick and he declared his love for her. Wasn’t that the perfect motive underlying Lindsay’s “accidental” death? Will Erica successfully blackmail one or both men? Or is all of Erica’s scheming only going to result in The End of Her?

Erica is a caustic person wreaking havoc wherever she goes. She is not just a pot stirrer but the person who puts the pot on the stove. She will do literally anything for money—except work at a real job. But she is willing to build a long con. She is definitely a planner.

Did I empathize with Erica? No.

Patrick is not a planner. He does whatever he wants without thinking of the consequences to himself or the other people in his life. Woe to him when Erica reenters his life!

Did I empathize with Patrick? No.

I enjoyed the idea of the plot more than the reality of it. I ultimately didn’t like any of the characters in the novel or care what happened to them. And the ending was idiotic. Good thing I didn’t care what happened by then. I loved the author’s two previous books so I will look forward to her next book. I would suggest passing on The End of Her. 2 stars.

Thanks to Pamela Dorman Books and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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