The Devil’s Advisor

The Devil's Advisor

Everyone’s office has a Brian. He’s smart but obnoxious as well as the office suck up. One day, Brian gets a chain letter. You know, the kind you answer a question and forward to ten other people. This letter is an actual email from Hell. It asks the recipient who would they like to punish. Brian forwards it to his co-workers, who resoundingly respond with Brian’s name. Hell listens and calls Brian down. However, instead of punishing him, they interview him to replace the current Devil (but she prefers being called Lucy). Brian needs a new work challenge, but should he become The Devil’s Advisor, and eventually The Devil himself?

This book has a great plot idea. But unfortunately, it fails a bit with the delivery. It is surprisingly boring in hell. It has the same office politics and family drama as life on Earth. Ho hum.

Depicting Heaven, Hell, God and The Devil in a non-religious way is sure to offend the most likely readers of this book. While The Devil’s Advisor is an interesting concept, I don’t see it having much universal appeal. To be honest, I’m not even sure what genre it is. Definitely not a thriller or a mystery. It wasn’t humorous once the setting was in place. Maybe fantasy? 2 disappointed stars.

Thanks to Flame Tree Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy of the book.

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