The Blood Isles

The Blood Isles

Are you ready for battle on The Blood Isles?

Edinburgh’s youth volunteer to risk their lives in battle in exchange for money and fame. The rich sit back in comfort and bet on the battle’s outcome. The book is clearly a merging of The Vikings/Game of Thrones with Squid Game. However, it is still great fun to read.

The Horde of Valhalla is fighting the Titans. Tyler joined the Horde is search of his missing sister, Morgan in the first book of this series. Unfortunately, Morgan is fighting for the Titans. But there are also betrayals and politics in play on both sides.

“Things are wrong in the Horde.”

The Blood Isles is a surprisingly accurate depiction of how ancient battles were held. This lends authenticity to a fictional tale. Fans of movies about such ancient wars like The 300 will enjoy this book. The rich fans and politics are sidelined here but appear to be more of the focus of book three of the series. Overall, an intriguing look into a possible future. 4 stars!

Thanks to Head of Zeus, Aries Books, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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